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Indulge yourself in all of life’s greatest pleasures during your stay. Aside from enjoying nature’s finest scapes, complement your experience with the resort’s most pleasurable amenities to make your vacation even more remarkable.


Situated along the Sulu Sea Coast, Dakak Golf Club has one of the most scenic courses in the Philippines. The course is renowned for its world-class scenery, the unforgettable challenging holes, the perfect wide view of Sulu Sea from the fairways, and the extraordinary landscape, making it one of the best courses nationally.

Designed by a world-renowned golf course designer, Greg Norman, the course sits on a 50-hectare property with a total course yardage of 6,500 yards/par 72 where you can frustrate your intellect, experience nature, and satisfy your soul. Visitors are also assured of a warm welcome on and off the course with Dakak Park and Beach Resorts’ various facilities and activities, making Dakak Golf Club a perfect golfing getaway.

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Dakak’s luxury world upholds to the belief that the pleasure of experiences should always be exceptional and special, lasting memories that are meant to be told and retold.

Dakak’s luxury world upholds the belief that the pleasure of experiences should always be exceptional and special, lasting memories that are meant to be told and retold. We have an infinity pool which offers an exhilarating view of the mountain and the seascapes, a private white sand “nude” beach where one can experience the island at its purest form, and a luxury Spa for an idyllic relaxation time. Indeed, the joy of your journey is lived through heightened sensorial experiences.

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Aqua Sports

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Get your adrenaline flowing and feel the rush of nature’s excitement by exploring The Dakak Adventure Zone! Experience various mountain activities inside the resort and get ready for an electrifying escapade!

Never let a stay go by without dropping at Dakak Adventure Zone!


The most recent addition is this exciting and thrilling recreation spot of Dakak Park and Beach Resort. It is a venue for adventure for thrill seekers who crave for intense action and adrenaline rush!

The Dakak Adventure Zone greets guests with the extreme flying fox of aerial runway with features the Fastest Dual Zipline in Asia, an extremely long 1,364 meters of zipline action in less than 60 seconds of visual splendor around and below you. It is also a perfect choice for horseback riding route for everybody, the stables house 11 horses for a ride around the island.

Gear up for an All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) quest around the region. The zone is equipped with an area for airsoft recreation activity with a moderate to jagged vicinity for war games. Soon, the Dakak Adventure Zone will showcase other extreme sports such as rock and wall climbing, bungee jumping, trekking, and all other exhilarating activities.